Attend our meetings on the first Monday each month.
Social at 6:30 PM. Meeting at 7:30 PM.

Post Location
500 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur, CA 94939-1329 (in the city parking lot)
Phone: 415-924-6283

General Meeting: 1st Monday at 6:30 PM (social) and 7:30 PM (meeting) in Post Club Room.

Standing Schedule
Coffee call Monday and Thursday at 9:00 AM in Post Club Room.
Annual Dues: $30.00

2017-2018 Post Officers
Commander: Kit Kubitz
1st Vice Commander: Tom Beck
2nd Vice Commander: Bill Brennen
3rd Vice Commander: Matt Markham
Past Commander: Bob Means
Sergeant-at-Arms: Furgus Wilson
Finance: Charles Heusser
Adjutant: Bob Gonzalez
Member-At-Large: Bob Gonzalez
Member-At-Large: Andy Guralas
Member-At-Large: Bill Howard
Chaplain: Rev. Palmer Wilkins

Updated 4/7/2017